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Official Secrets是一個高端專業自潛蛙鞋品牌,成立於2023年。我們的理念是融合最新的複合材料科技與當代藝術美學,通過無數次的測試和數據分析,創造出獨特、時尚的水下產品。透過創新的設計、與藝術家的合作,以及不斷尋找新穎的製造方法。Official Secrets 致力於以不同的角度定義現代自由潛水。

在當今的自由潛水運動文化中,潛水員除了注重性能效率,同時也關注當代時尚界所追求的圖案和色彩。Official Secrets 通過對細節的嚴謹追求和純手工訂製的持續品質,完美地結合當代流行的風格。我們採用歐美超跑車廠使用的碳纖材料和專業頂級製程,以滿足職業選手對競賽的要求,同時也相當注重產品的長期使用和耐久性。希望每位潛水員都能找到一雙屬於自己的碳纖蛙鞋,享受每次的潛水體驗和樂趣。


Official Secrets is a high-end professional freediving fins brand established in 2023. Our philosophy is to combine the latest composite technology with visionary aesthetics, creating unique and stylish underwater products through numerous tests and data analysis. Through innovative designs, collaborations with artists, and the continuous search for new manufacturing methods, Official Secrets is committed to redefining modern freediving from different perspectives.

In today's freediving culture, divers not only prioritize performance efficiency but also pay attention to the patterns and colors by the contemporary fashion industry. Official Secrets perfectly combines meticulous attention to detail and continuous handcrafted customization with the current trends and styles. We use cutting edge carbon fiber materials and employ professional top-tier manufacturing processes utilized by high-performance super car manufacturers. This ensures that our products meet the demands of competitive professional athletes while emphasizing long-term use and durability. Our ultimate goal is for every diver to find a pair of fins that truly belong to them, enabling them to enjoy every diving experience to the fullest.